By Richfield A. Cudal

Genuine appreciation for the logos, the person of the Lord Jesus, requires a good understanding of the developed philosophies of ancient times. These philosophies belong to the eras which have exerted the most prevalent cultural influences and are those which have persisted through generations of learning. The “logos” was one significant philosophical concept in the ancient world.

-Heraclitus (c. 500 BC), one of the original Greek thinkers, introduced the logos as a god-like force that permeated everything, a stable force in a constantly changing world.

-Anaxagoras (c. 500 BC) understood this god-force to be transcendent rather than immanent and attributed to it a mediatorial function. 

-Plato (c. 400 BC) conceived the logos as pantheistic, identifying it with nature. Thus, nature, as an ordered universe, was expressed as and identified with reason.

-The Stoics pictured not a single logos but “logoi spermatekoi,” a multitude of seminal and ethereal forces responsible for originating and continuing the creative cycles of nature. The Stoics’ logos or lόgoi maintained a structure in the universe by which men could order their lives.

-Philo (c. 10 AD), the Alexandrian Jewish philosopher, allegorized the logos, merging secular Greek and Jewish philosophies with Old Testament Scripture. Philo classified the logos as an idea. To him, the logos did not have distinct personality, but acted as presbeutes, God’s ambassador, as paracletos, man’s advocate, and as archereus, high priest.

Although Philo’s logos had interesting parallels with the Apostle John’s Logos (cf. John 1:1), it had critical dissimilarities. Philo’s logos did not possess an attribute of “pre-existence,” whereas the Logos according to John’s Gospel was present before creation. Philo’s logos could not be spoken of in personal terms, nor could it become incarnate – a concept alien to Greek thought. While Philo’s logos possessed eternality, it was not the “Light and Life” of which the Apostle John spoke. Although Philo’s logos was capable of mediating between the transcendent God and the world, it could never be personalized like the Logos of John’s Gospel, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

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October, 2013 @ Wangree Resort, Thailand

Missionaries Charles & Lourdes Holmes report that LIFE Camp was attended by 496 campers from throughout Thailand. Half of the attendees, invited by the various churches, are non-Christians and 68 accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  300 Thai-Psalms CD’s, and the Song of Mary (Luke 1:46-55), were given out and distributed to provincial pastors to bring back to their congregations. The seeds of the Word were planted in the hearts of many.

This distribution was sponsored by:

To date 2600+ CD sets have been sold, donated, or distributed.

We praise the Lord for the work He has accomplished. Join us in getting His Word out. Visit our Thai-Psalms Project Site: Audio samples, purchases, or donations may be made at: