INVOCATIONS Album Campaign

Now launched: the Kickstarter campaign for the album INVOCATIONS.
HARK Publications is pleased to announce the launch of INVOCATIONS, an album that reaches audiences on both sides of the globe. It is a mixture of sacred musical genres and traditions and is sung in two languages using similar scoring, accompaniment, and instrumentation. Musical freedom is allowed for nuances and variations in the languages. The result is a unique blending of Eastern and Western musical traditions and cultures, highlighting the best of each.

This project is about making two CDs: one all-English and one all-Thai.
For every song completed in English, an identical one will be rendered in Thai.

The campaign is going to run for a symbolic 40 days.
It concludes January 20, 2015, at midnight.
With the backing we finally receive, we plan to produce as many CDs as possible.

“Blessed Are You” Released as a Single

Now released as a single: “Blessed Are You.”
Performed by artist Chelsea Mattson.
A soulful and uplifting song from 1 Peter 3 to those who suffer by doing right.


Ervin P. Inocian, graduate of HARK Seminary’s Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) 2013, recipient of the Cudal-Defensor Scholarship, and newly appointed Pastor of Jesus Cares Community Church, has been appointed Dean of the Cebu Campus. Ervin will be Instructor of Biblical Studies and Instructor of Greek and Hebrew.


The 15th Annual Prophetic Conference was held in Cebu City, August 23, 2014. The theme is “The Significance of Israel in God’s Program” based on Romans 9-11 with Dr. Godfrey Catanus as the guest speaker. The conference continued in Malaybalay City on August 26 at Camp Moriah where 200 conferees came from many churches in the province. It continued on September 13, at Doane Baptist Church in Leon, Iloilo with 300 attending.




HARK Seminary continues to have full classes at the campuses in the Philippines. The Ilo-ilo campus recently held an intensive class for its 14 Masters students in New Testament Greek.


Dr. Richfield Cudal taught “The Redemptive Plan of God Through the Ages” to 10 Masters-level students.



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by Arnfield P. Cudal

Recent religious trends among Millennials — today’s youth who have come of age at the turn of the century — highlight yet another self-perpetuating cycle in the quest for spirituality. A Pew Research Center survey reports that only 18% of Millennials attend church weekly compared to 26% of Baby Boomers when they were their age. The number of young Americans attending church today is much less than any previous groups, and those who haven’t stopped going to church are switching denominations.[1]

Recent articles, such as, “Why Millennials Long for Liturgy,”[2] “Why Millennials are Leaving the Church,”[3] “Young Evangelicals are Getting High,”[4] and “Change Wisely, Dude,”[5] chronicle why many are leaving mainline Protestant and evangelical churches for liturgical, high worship services in Anglican, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic churches. Consider what some are saying:

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