Biblical Sufficiency Applied

Christopher Cone, General Editor

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  • $21.00
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Tyndale Seminary Press (2011)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981479194
Contents and Contributors
  • “The Calamity of Job and the Mind of Man” by Don Trest”
  • “The New Perspective on Paul” by Gary Gilley
  • “God Wins: A Critique of Rob Bell’s Love Wins” by Christopher Cone
  • “Counterfeit Gospel: Hath God Said? Part 1” by John Adams Tucker
  • “Counterfeit Gospel: Hath God Said? Part 2” by John Adams Tucker
  • “The Drift Toward Supersessionism” by Kevin D. Zuber
  • “A Dispensational View of Worship” by George Gunn
  • “Music Apotheosis: Usurping the Gospel Ministry” by Arnfield P. Cudal
  • “When Father Doesn’t Know Best: Considering Parental Discipline” by Christopher Cone
  • “Moral Ascendancy and Christian Leadership” by Richfield A. Cudal
  • “Considering the Importance of Contextual Interpretation” by Samuel Dallessandro
  • “Biblical Sufficiency for Making Disciples” by S. Jeff Heslop
  • “Biblical Sufficiency and ‘Work in Progress’ Theology” by Leon Johnson

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