October, 2013 @ Wangree Resort, Thailand

Missionaries Charles & Lourdes Holmes report that LIFE Camp was attended by 496 campers from throughout Thailand. Half of the attendees, invited by the various churches, are non-Christians and 68 accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  300 Thai-Psalms CD’s, and the Song of Mary (Luke 1:46-55), were given out and distributed to provincial pastors to bring back to their congregations. The seeds of the Word were planted in the hearts of many.

This distribution was sponsored by:

To date 2600+ CD sets have been sold, donated, or distributed.

We praise the Lord for the work He has accomplished. Join us in getting His Word out. Visit our Thai-Psalms Project Site: Audio samples, purchases, or donations may be made at: harkseminary.org/thai