After four weeks of school break, Hark Theological Seminary will resume classes this June 17, 2012. Seven part-time students finished their first course in Bibliology last semester. This semester they can continue to learn in Israelology, which will cover the entire history of Israel from its inception as a nation to its future as revealed in end-times prophecies.

Hark Seminary’s first full-time student, Ervin Inocian, will be taking on New Testament Greek, Theology proper, and Pastoral Theology in addition to Israelology. During the seminary break Ervin and his wife Mae evangelized in the mountain village of Mabini, teaching Bible classes and running Vacation Bible School (VBS). Many people responded positively to the Gospel! Thank the Lord.

Pastor Leo of Jesus Cares Community Church has invited Richfield Cudal to preach for the first Sunday of every month. For his messages, Richfield has chosen to expound Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

The teaching of the Word of the Lord continues strongly, both in and out of Hark Seminary.