Tyndale Theological Seminary, Hurst, TX, includes “Worship Arts and Church Music” course for Pastoral Training and Theology studies

The biblical approach to the topic on music and worship taught by Dr. Arnfield Cudal is now part of Tyndale’s pastoral training and biblical theology tracks. Dr. Arnfield Cudal lectured at the Tyndale Heritage Lecture Series in June. Music and worship studies remain a core requirement at Hark Seminary.

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Hark Seminary graduates receive MABS degrees in the Philippines

Eleven students from the Iligan and Iloilo campuses received their Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) after three years of intensive study with Dr. Richfield Cudal. Dr. Valeriano G. Murillo was the commencement speaker at Iligan and Dr. Arnfield Cudal at Iloilo.




Dr. Richfield Cudal and Dr. Arnfield Cudal in Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Richfield Cudal spoke at the 50th Anniversary commemoration of Nonthaburi Baptist Church where he served as pastor 40 years ago.
Dr. Arnfield Cudal also taught a three-hour seminar on the topic of music and worship. Attendees came from Nonthaburi, Romphrakun, and area churches. Here, music is presented by the Romphrakun Choir.

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Additional 200 books by Dr. Richfield Cudal and Dr. Arnfield Cudal printed and distributed

The Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ and The Ultimate Guide to Worship Arts in Thai and English were printed and distributed at seminars in Thailand, Philippines, and USA.

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