Dr. Arnfield Cudal will be traveling to the Philippines September 20 – 28 to teach in two music conferences, addressing the role of music in the church and the Biblical guidelines regarding it.

Dr. Cudal, on the reason for these conferences:

“In a span of forty years, I’ve seen a significant transformation in the way churches have conducted their ‘worship’ service; and not for the better. Never has the Church experienced a greater schism since denominationalism, over the issue of music. Where there is little Biblical understanding and guidance, confusion reigns. Yet the Bible speaks volumes about music, with specific guidelines to the Church, but is this something the Church is willing to accept – to its betterment?”


  • Cebu: Fundamental Bible Church – Saturday, September 22, 3PM
  • Malaybalay: Bethel Baptist Church – Tuesday, September 25, 10AM