From the Kingdom of Thailand:

HARK MUSIC PUBLICATIONS is pleased to present a lavish new production extolling John’s magnificent paean (hymn) about Jesus Christ (John 1:1-5 / 9-14) featuring the HARK Duriya Tasana Singers and Dancers, set to festive Thai Isaan (mohlam) music and  dance.

This music-arts video, as part of the Thai-Psalms and Thai-Hymns Project, sets precedents for Christian music in Thailand while preserving their tradition and cultural arts.

Three criteria were used in the production of this video:

1. The words need to be a hymn from the Bible
2. The melody must be composed in the music-language of the Thai people
3. The song must be presented in the most culturally-honoring and expressive way possible

Grateful appreciation is expressed to the members and faculty of the Bundipatanasilpa Institute – Fine Arts Department, Wanpen Jittrong – Artist Director.

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