PBAU’s Global Mission leader, Mark Kaprive, is taking a group of PBA students to Krabi, Southern Thailand, at the end of the school year, and along a batch of Thai-Psalm CD’s. Upon hearing of the Thai-Psalms project, Mr. Kaprive thought it a good idea to have the nicely-packaged Commemorative CD’s presented as gifts to host families and as gift items to fellow believers and friends. “This will give our team a means of expressing our gratitude, as well as a way to reach out to the community where we are serving. The idea of distributing and giving back the Thai Bible in their own music is a great idea.”

Elsewhere in Bangkok, testimonies about the Thai-Psalms CDs…

-At the Radiant bookstore, the lady in charge commented that she has been looking for this kind of Christian music and is amazed that it is now available.

-A Christian bookstore owner observes: “When people hear the music, I see a certain ‘glow’ on their faces…something like making them ‘extra’ proud that they are Thai and Christian, especially with the ‘older’ ones.”

-At the CLC bookstore, an elderly customer from outside of Bangkok happened to be in the bookstore when the Thai-Psalms CD was being played. He bought a set in an instant.

-A friend from the South was introduced the Thai-Psalms CD’s, really liked the music and the way the Psalms were presented, and ordered 10 sets.