Phase II: Seminary Infrastructure: (For Immediate Implementation)

While awaiting the completion of Phase I, Hark Seminary is focusing on fine-tuning curriculum, tailoring degree programs, building and developing a student body, and procuring qualified professors ( our professors are volunteers). These are the components of Phase II:

Library: Books needed for research and reference will be a key resource for an effective and efficient scholarly facility. Donations of books will be accepted and sent to the Philippines for the library.

Online Study Program: An online program employing a self-study, correspondence approach will be a cost-effective way of serving the global student community while sustaining operations and development of the Philippine campus.

Publishing House: HARK Seminary Publications is in the process of compiling and editing these titles with the projected date of publication:

The Light of Life Comes to Tigwa by Dr. Richfield A. Cudal (published 2011)

The Incomparable Christ by Dr. Richfield A. Cudal (September release 2012)

The Apotheosis of Music & the Church by Dr. Arnfield P. Cudal (2013)

A Theology of the Lord’s Supper by Dr. Richfield A. Cudal (2013)

A Commentary on Colossians by Dr. Richfield A. Cudal (2014)

A Theology of Music for the New Testament Church by Dr. Arnfield P. Cudal (2014)

Conference & Lecture Series: The Cebu Christian Council of Prophetic Conferences (CCCPC), now in its 13th season, will be affiliated with HARK Seminary. Conference attendees will receive credit toward their Biblical Studies degree. The CCCPC has hosted keynote speakers from the Friends of Israel (USA), Herald of Hope (Australia), and various seminaries in the U.S. (Dallas, Grand Rapids, and Tyndale). A Prophecy Conference hosted by Hark Ministries was held at Palm Beach Atlantic University last February, 2010. Speakers were from the Friends of Israel and Tyndale Theological Seminary.

The Council on Church Music and Worship Studies (new for 2013) will host conferences and seminars in West Palm Beach, FL and Cebu, Philippines. Scholarly papers will be submitted and compiled into books published by HARK Seminary Publications.

Scholarship and Endowment Program: We at HARK Seminary believe that students of the Word should never be hampered by a lack of funds. Scholarships and endowments will ensure that prospective and future ministers of the Gospel will be given opportunity to study the Word of God. The Scholarship program will benefit those enrolled on-campus in the Philippines.

Funds needed to complete Phase II: $93,000

Phase III: Campus Expansion

Implementation of Phase III is contingent upon the successful implementation and establishment of Phase II. Commencement of Phase III will take place as soon as infrastructures and funds are in place. Planning for Phase III is ongoing with implementation beginning as early as 2013.

The Key Component of Phase III is a Seminary Campus to house additional classrooms, an upgraded and modernized library and research facility, additional professors, and dormitories.

Funds needed to implement Phase III: $250,000