by Richfield A. Cudal

Faith is an important component of Christian living. Our Lord Jesus emphasized the importance of living by faith and the Bible speaks volumes about faith. Biblical usage of the word “faith” reveals that faith has two applications: the noun “faith” and the verb “faith.”

The word faith as a noun connotes a belief system of doctrine. As a verb, the word generally means to trust in something or someone, to have a persuasion of an idea perceived to be true, or to place one’s confidence in an object along with the assurance that the confidence is valid. Faith was manifested in the lives of Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, Daniel and a host of others who believed God and His word (cf. Heb 11). Their lives exemplified the faith marked by conviction, belief, and promise of reward.

The dominant concept of faith in Scripture is about choosing to believe, possessing, exercising, and, more importantly, increasing our faith in the Lord, which He seems to delight in.

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