The Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ

A Survey of the Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ

By Richfield A. Cudal, DD, ThD

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A Survey of The Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ is a “survey” only by virtue of being concise: Dr. Cudal’s book is rich with detail and meaning. It is the perfect book for anyone who is looking for a deeper and more thorough knowledge of Christ, but does not have the time to read a longer exhaustive commentary. The Incomparable Lord Jesus Christ is written in short, information-packed chapters, arranged chronologically for easy reference, and printed in large type.


From the inside cover:

The Lord Jesus Christ is Incomparable. But who is He? Was He a Prophet? Was He God? Why did He become man? And what was His message?

These are some of the questions that stoke our curiosity and rouse our quest for this unique person of the universe par excellence.

Here, Richfield synthesizes Old and New Testament Canon of Scripture into an easy-to-read overview of the One who gives meaning and purpose to this earthly existence.

As one following in loving service, Richfield presents Jesus Christ as incomparable and far above any other. In Him is a treasury of wisdom, and to know Him is to unlock the secret of life.

“Whether serious student, genuine enquirer or casual reader, all who take the time to ponder the truths so diligently set forth in Richfield Cudal’s latest book will be inspired, challenged and blessed. The ‘survey’ material is incredible – the ‘Subject’ matter, the Lord Jesus Christ – incomparable! … A must read! … Highly recommended!”
Deane J. Woods, ThD, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
“I heartily commend this book for your reading and study, and I am certain that it will not only enlighten your mind but also warm your heart toward our Lord Jesus Christ. This book cannot be read in haste because there is so much to ponder concerning His incomparability.”
Alvin Low, ThD, PhD, President, ACTS International

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